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D1 Stack Height Calculations

For Thermal Oxidisers and Other Fired Plant, plus Wet Scrubbers, etc, we can provide a detailed Stack Height Calculation according to the "D1 Guidelines" expertly prepared by a UK-registered Chartered Engineer (FIMechE).

These calculations comprise computation of the pollution index and take account of the buoyancy of the discharge due to heat release, the velocity and momentum of the exhaust flow, as well as the affect of any nearby buildings and stacks on the site.

Oxidiser Assessment Checks

If your Thermal Oxidiser has been in service for some years, we recommend the installation is subject to a thorough check by Durr Engineers to identify opportunities to upgrade its performance including the potential for enhanced Energy Savings. 

This service is available for most types and all makes of Thermal Oxidiser as well as for Durr Oxidisers. The Assessment is carried out according to a pre-defined program focused at meeting your objectives.

Thermal Oxidiser Refurbishment

After many years of service, it is possible your Thermal Oxidiser will require some specialist refurbishment work to extend its operational life.

This work could comprise major repairs to the oxidiser shell, and/or, heat exchangers.  Other type of work undertaken by Durr includes relining of the oxidiser chambers, or, rebuilding of the ceramic beds in RTO-type oxidisers.  

Oxidiser Maintenance Contracts

We are able to arrange a maintenance contract for your Thermal Oxidiser normally comprising an annual system check to identify any potential problems before they occur and to provide a routine service. 

The contract can also include assistance in the event of an emergency breakdown including the provision of spares and technical support.

Thermal Oxidiser Relocation

Whether within your existing site, or, to the other side of the world, Durr has experience of relocating all types of Thermal Oxidiser.

Durr Environmental & Energy specialises in the manufacture and supply of Thermal Oxidisers, so your system will be in safe hands including the careful planning and organisation of the logistics.

Oxidiser Training Courses

Thermal Oxidiser Training can be organised on a bespoke basis to meet your requirements either on-site, and/or, off-site at Durr Environmental & Energy.

Staff training helps ensure the oxidiser system is operated at high efficiency and downtime is reduced by the speedy detection and rectification of any faults thus minimising your operational costs. 

Please Contact Polutek  to discuss which Thermal Oxidiser Service best meets  your requirements

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