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Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers (TAR)

Durr TAR-type Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers have integral air/air heat exchangers for increased thermal efficiency by pre-heating the incoming exhaust gases up to 550 deg C prior to thermal oxidation in the combustion chamber.

These systems maintain their high VOC removal efficiency throughout their lifetime and are low maintenance assets.

Most Durr TAR-type systems have downstream heat recovery - there are various customised solutions available to optimise thermal efficiency.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO)

Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's) incorporate at least 2-3 ceramic beds and pre-heat the polluted gases to within 40 degrees of the oxidation temperature so minimising energy consumption.  If sufficient VOC's are present (typically 1.5-2 gm/Nm3), the thermal oxidation process is autothermal and "flameless". 

Durr RTO's normally comprise factory pre-assembled packages, or, have a modular construction allowing rapid site installation and trouble-free commissioning.    They are also designed for ease of maintenance - for example, the RTO valves are located for ground level/walk-in access and their actuators are external to the exhaust gas distribution headers. 

A platform is provided for accessing the burner/burner train and for inspecting the ceramic beds 

Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidisers (VAR)

Durr VAR-type Thermal Oxidisers have a direct-fired combustion chamber for thermal oxidation.

In a typical application, multiple waste streams are injected around the burner.    This well proven Durr design permits waste gases >25% LEL to be safely oxidised as well as hazardous liquids.

These are bespoke systems which can include a downstream Steam Boiler for improved thermal efficiency, plus other complementary technologies such as wet scrubbers - depending on the waste stream pollutants

Please Contact Polutek for a review of your pollution emissions data - to identify which thermal oxidiser solution best meets your requirements. 

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