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The following are some examples of the Complementary Technologies available to enhance the overall performance of the the thermal oxidiser system:

Rotary Concentrators

The VOC concentration is increased 10-20 times (via a slowly rotating carbon, or, zeolite wheel - as shown above) prior to thermal oxidation which reduces the consumption of primary fuel such as natural gas.  Desorption is achieved using hot air provided via thermal oxidiser waste heat recovery. 

Catalytic Units

The addition of a suitable catalyst reduces the thermal oxidation temperature required for purification of the VOC laden exhaust stream by the thermal oxidiser.

Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers are used to remove inorganic gases (following thermal oxidation of the organic pollutants within the thermal oxidiser).

Please Contact Polutek for a review of your pollution emissions data - to identify which VOC abatement solution best meets your requirements. 

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