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We are able to offer Energy Efficiency Upgrades for all makes and most types of existing Thermal Oxidiser including the following examples:

Electricity Generation

Waste heat from the Thermal Oxidiser may be used to generate electricity via an ORC System which comprises a pre-tested compact range of modules (electrical generator sizes of 70kW to 500 kW) based on the Organic Ranking Cycle.

These systems are suitable for converting gaseous waste heat (350 kW+) above 300 deg C, or, liquid waste heat (700 kW+) above 90 deg C into electricity.

Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers

  • TARCOM V to replace the existing Gas Burner (reduces operating temperature)

  • Secondary Heat Recovery (to increase overall thermal efficiency)
  • Organic Residual Liquid Injection (replaces usage of gas or other fuel)

Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's)

  • Heat Exchanger Rebuilds (using optimised ceramics for reduced energy usage)

  • Gas Pre-Injection (providing an overall reduction in gas consumption)

Fuel Gas Treatment for Thermal Oxidisers

We are also able to offer fuel gas treatment systems supplied by Maxsys who guarantee a minimum gas saving of 5% offering typical paybacks in the range 24 to 36 months.

The Maxsys Fuel System is a patented magnetic fuel treatment device which is  installed in the burner gas supply pipe immediately prior to the thermal oxidiser.

Please Contact Polutek for a review of your existing Thermal Oxidiser System - to identify ways of improving its energy efficiency and reducing your fuel bills!

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