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Thermal Oxidisers

Thermal Oxidisers supplied via Polutek are widely used to eliminate noxious gases and odours containing VOC's by their thermal oxidation to carbon dioxide and water vapour.  The higher the VOC calorific value and concentration within the waste gases, the less burner fuel is used for thermal oxidation.  The heat generated is typically utilised to optimise the thermal energy efficiency of the oxidiser, and/or, is recovered for industrial process and factory heating purposes. 

Company Profile

Within the UK, Polutek offers Air Pollution Control equipment of this type supplied by Durr Clean Technology Systems, Germany.  Polutek has represented Durr since the 1990's whilst Durr has been providing Thermal Oxidisers to UK customers since 1972.

We provide VOC Emission Abatement Systems direct to the UK Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Coating, Packaging and Printing Industries, as well as via UK-based Process Plant Contractors.

Thermal Oxidisers of all types are supplied for the destruction of both gaseous emissions (including odours) and organic liquid wastes including Recuperative Oxidisers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's) and bespoke Direct-Fired Systems.

Other Complementary Technologies  include Rotary Concentrators, Carbon Adsorbers, Catalytic Units, Wet Scrubbers, De-NOx Systems, plus an extensive range of Heat Recovery Options.

We also offer Energy Efficiency Upgrades  for all makes and most types of existing Thermal Oxidiser which will reduce your fuel consumption and save money.

In addition, a comprehensive range of Thermal Oxidiser Services are available including D1 Stack Height Calculation, Oxidiser Assessment Checks, Oxidiser Refurbishment, Oxidiser Relocation, Maintenance Contracts and Training Courses.

Please Contact Polutek to identify which Thermal Oxidiser solution best meets your requirements, and/or, for a Review of your existing Thermal Oxidisation System to improve its Energy Efficiency.

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